Addiction diagnosis
and treatment solutions


1. Bio-Sensor: Complex Bio-Signal Measurement Technology
The biosensor can measure electroencephalography (EEG), heart rate variability (HRV), galvanic skin response(GSR), and eye tracking. The slim form of the ergonomic kiosk design maximizes the use of space. The use of high-quality materials enhances the quality and completeness of the design.
2. Bio-Signal Analysis(BSA): Integrated Software with Objective Bio-Signal Analysis Algorithm
Algorithms developed based on medical papers and clinics collect and analyze brain waves, heart rate variability, skin electrical resistance, and attention traces in real time to show objective data values of overall cerebral function and addiction. We have developed algorithms based on clinical trials and SCI-verified research articles to collect and analyse brain waves, heart rate variability, galvanic skin response and attention tracking in real time to show objective data values of overall cerebral function and degrees of addiction.
외부 자극 영상 제작 기술(BNC)
3. External Stimulus Image Production Technology(BNC – Brain and Craving)
We create 3D, VR and AR solutions through image production and olfactory stimulation technology that engages the five senses. Our BNC imaging solution is a unique addiction assessment solution that enables quantitative assessment of overall brain function as well as addictive craving levels.
맞춤형 가상현실 치료 C-VRT
4. Customized Virtual Reality Therapy C-VRT
Through the analysis of diagnostic results (general brain function and impulse types), we have developed virtual reality therapy solutions to treat specific addiction types. The use of virtual reality therapy prevents the recurrence of addiction and increases the effect of treatment.

SCI Class Papers

Meddiction is specialized in developing addiction diagnosis and treatment solution based on the fusion of advanced IT technology and healthcare.

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